The 2nd Provides Your Rights - We Provide Your Needs



We are a Type-01 Dealer in Firearms and we do gun Transfers. If you order a gun on-line (Gunbroker, Bud's Gun Shop, etc.) you can have them ship it to Big Boar Armory as the FFL. If your retailer does not have us on their list of FFLs have them request a copy of our license. Once we receive your order we will notify you to set up an appointment for the completion of the required record keeping and a NICS background check if required. We also are available to perform ATF 2017-1 Private Party Firearms Transfers. There is a charge for each Transfer and all Handgun buyers must be 21 years old or older.


Our Armorer has been factory certified and is recertifed every three years in order to stay current with the latest industry firearms and maintenance techniques. Armorer services are geared toward individuals as well as law enforcement agencies.

  • ATF Approved Transfer Services
  • Private Party Transfer /w NICS
  • Firearm Cleaning and Lube
  • Detail Strip and Cleaning
  • Handgun Sight Installation
  • Enhancement Trigger Installs
  • Functionality Safety Inspections
  • Cycle of Operations Check
  • Pistol Grips Installations